Thomas McIntosh, layout by FEED studio
  • 2 p.m.

For the launch of the publication [The User] – Instruments 1997-2008, this first edition of the BIAS presents a panel discussion with the artists [The User] – Emmanuel Madan (QC-CA) and Thomas Macintosh (UK/QC-CA) – and authors: Nicole Gingras (QC-CA), Daniel Canty (QC-CA) and Tim Dallet (QC-CA).

Led by Hélène Prévost (QC-CA), the panel discussion will present a historical overview of the artistic practice of the artists and will examine the role of sound and the relation to the context of dissemination. The issues of obsolescence, deflection, system design as a compositional method, and of a "post-software" approach to sound creation will also be discussed.