Spring 2015 sees a brand new event on Montreal’s digital art scene, the INTERNATIONAL SOUND ART BIENNIAL (BIAS), with programming featuring exhibitions, performances and satellite activities. The biennial, on May 13 at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and continues into June.


With the theme POST-AUDIO, events programmed for the first edition of BIAS are opportunities to reflect on issues of the place of audio in our era, now commonly called post-digital. How has our perception of audio evolved since the advent of digital technology? What are the cultural consequences of synthetic sound gradually taking over the audible space – both public and private? In artistic terms, what are the new avenues for creation and dissemination resulting from these changes? What are the new relationships between sound and image? How is a “post-audio” state at work? How does it affect the listening space, without our knowing it?